About TBW

Welcome to the Triskelion Business World!

The Triskelion Business World is a non-biased and neutral online business news magazine dedicated and focused on business endeavors or business startups by residents, alumni, chapters, councils, and alumni groups. Our online magazine does not in any way, shape, form, or manner endorse, support, or promote any politician or political party.

Our goal is to promote businesses that our fellow brothers and sisters either work for, own, or are intending to start. We want to assist our fellow Triskelions’ jumpstart their own business or advance up the corporate ladder.

If your chapter, council or alumni group has an event or activity coming up, we can help promote that. We want to be the primary source of credible and reliable business news and updates for our fellow brothers and sisters.

We also accept articles on any organization, chapter, council, or individuals related and associated with the fraternity and sorority and their business interests and endeavors.

Who are we?

The Triskelion Business World is a brainchild of a few alumni that want to see every resident and alumni excel in the business world. Our network and business connections can provide easier access and assistance in doing and getting the business done. We do not and will not contribute, condone, or allow any illegal business activities.

So you think you can write?

Well, let’s see what you got and if we can make something out of your writing skills. Please check our article guidelines page to learn more about what we need and if your business article will match what we need.

Got Questions?

You may have questions or queries, and we may have the answers. You can check our FAQs page for specific questions and answers. If we do not have what you are looking for, you can email us at sales@mdgapublishing.com.