Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from this online business website?

For one, we want the website to assist our alumni and residents in expanding their business connections and network. Two, our staff members are alumni that we gainfully employ. Last, we create a fund that will assist our underprivileged residents or alumni.

Did any council sanctioned or authorized the website?

No. We operate and manage this online magazine independently with no association or endorsement from any council or group. We believe that our online magazine serves our alumni and residents. Hence it does not require any authority or approval.

Can anyone ask from your assistance fund?

Unfortunately, no. As much as we would like, we would have to put restrictions and qualifiers to the fund. The regulations are in place to avoid abuse of the fund and situation. This fund will be exclusive to the alumni and residents of our fraternity and sorority.

Is the website’s content exclusive or open to the public?

The website is open to the public to view. It is here to promote our fraternity and sorority success stories allowing interested individuals to learn more about our fraternity and sorority from a business perspective.